Where we came from

2. Mai 1891

Foundation of Roeper


FC Liverpool is founded in Great Britain

Augsburg, 10.08.1893

Rudolf Diesel's first test engine is made to run autonomously in his machine factory in Augsburg.

New York City, 14.04.1894

The Kinetoskop Peepshow invented by Thomas Alva Edison is exhibited in New York City.

Holyoke, Dezember, 1895

William G. Morgan, Sports Director of YMCA, introduces the new ball game "Volleyball" (formerly called "Mintonette").

Turin, 01.02.1896

Giacomo Puccini's Opera is premiered at the Teatro Regio.

Hamburg, 06.02.1897

Hamburg dockers are defeated in one of the biggest labour dispute strikes of imperial Germany

Cuxhaven, Juni, 1898

Jonathan Zenneck's experiments clear the way to modern wireless telegraphy.

Moscow, Mai 1899

The biggest catholic church in Russia is built in Moscow: The Church of the Immaculate Conception.

Stockholm, 29.06.1900

It is assigned to honor people with particular achievements for the benefit of mankind in the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and efforts for peace.

9. Februar 1901

Granting of an imperial patent

Norway, 25.05.1901

Norway is the first European country to grant women's suffrage on local level.

Kuba, 20.05.1902

With the accession of Tomás Estrada Palmas Cuba achieves formal independance of the USA.

Chicago, September, 1903

Foundation of Kraft/Kraft Foods

Paris, 21.05.1904

Belgium, Denmark, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain found the World Football Asscociation called FIFA in Paris.

Germany, 27.09.1905

Albert Einstein claims there is a mathematical interrelation between inertia and energy.


Even in 1906 Roeper offered a full range of natural ingredients

Berlin, 03.10.1906

During the International Consumer Electronics Fair, the hitherto existing distress signal CQD is replaced by the signal SOS, which is valid to this day.

France, 02.01.1907

France enacts a law to separate church and state.

Fort Myer, 04.08.1908

At its first attempt, Signal Corps Airship No. 1 stays airborne for 7 minutes.

Berlin, 12.06.1909

The Hansabund is founded to represent the interests of trade, commerce and industry.


Own branch in Calcutta and Khartoum

Great Britain, 06.05.1910

George V. is crowned King of Great Britain

Germany, Oktober, 1911

German wine-growers are delighted about an outstanding vintage.

Southhampton, 10.04.1912

Titanic on maiden voyage

New York, 21.12.1913

The world's first crossword is published.

Panama, 15.08.1914

Opening of the Panama Canal

USA, 15.01.1915

The first issue of the weekly magazine "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" is published

Bavaria, 07.03.1916

Founding of BMW

Germany, 22.12.1917

The Standards Committee of the German Industry is founded - the predecessor of the DIN


August Gerrens becomes Director of C.E. Roeper GmbH (he was working for Roeper for 65 years)

Munich, 08.11.1918

Proclamation of the State of Bavaria

Versailles, 28.06.1919

The German delegation signs the Peace Treaty of Versaille.

Germany, 08.01.1920

Lack of coal shuts down Siemens factory with 35.000 workers.

Hamburg, 06.01.1921

A Rembrandt painting worth 2 million Reichsmark was stolen.

India, 18.03.1922

Mahatma Gandhi is sentenced to six years of prison for civil disobedience

Berlin, März 1923

Company MAN develops the fist road vehicle with a Diesel engine.

Norway, 20.12.1924

The world's oldest audio transmission "Lørdagsbarnetimen" is broadcasted for the first time.

New York, August 1925

World Premier of Chaplin's classic in Strand Theatre.

London, 14.10.1926

The classic children's book Winnie Poo is published.

New York, 20./21.05.1927

Charles Lindbergh flies nonstop from New York to Paris.

Paris, 04.06.1928

The famous horse-cart driver Gustav Hartmann ("Eiserner Gustav") arrives in Paris.

Germany, 10.12.1929

The prototype of the Narcotics Law bans the use and possession of Cannabis.

Germany, 28.01.1930

Match monopoly stipulates that matches may only be sold by the German Match Monopoly Enterprise within the German Empire and subsequently within the Federal Republic of Germany.

New York, 01.05.1931

President Hoover opens the Empire State Building, the highest building in the world at the time.

Sydney, 18.03.1932

Inauguration of the world's longest arch bridge

Berlin, 18.08.1933

Introduction of the fist table-top radio during the 10th International Consumer Electronics Fair

Rechterfeld, 28.01.1934

Foundation of Voluntary Fire Brigade

Greenland, 16.08.1935

Greenland's highest mountain (Gunnbjörns Fjeld, 3694 m) is ascended for the first time.

Rügen/Stralsund, 05.10.1936

Inauguration of the "Rügendamm"

Paris, 25.05.1937

Grand Opening of the World Exhibition in Paris "Arts et Techniques dans la vie moderne.

Wolfsburg, 26.05.1938

Foundation Stone Ceremony for the city of Wolfsburg and the VW plant

Palo Alto, 01.01.1939

Foundation of Hewlett Packard

USA, 15.05.1940

The first 5 million nylon stockings are on offer.

Second World War

Even during the war many products were still available

London, 12.02.1941

The first patient is treated with penicillin.

USA, 21.11.1942

Bing Crosby hits number one of the Billboard Charts with "White Christmas.

USA, 21.11.1942

Lebanon receives a national flag

Kanada, 17.12.1944

Canadian Scientists discover DNA as the genetic information carrier

USA, 12.04.1945

Harry S. Trumann is inaugurated 33rd President of the United States of America.

Hungary, 01.08.1946

Hungary introduces the Forint as its new currency.

Germany, 04.01.1947

Initial issue of "Der Spiegel"

Denmark, 22.03.1948

Danes introduce the letter Å

Tokyo, 01.04.1949

Foundation of the Tokio Stock Market

Germany, 13.09.1950

First population census in Germany


Claus Gerrens becomes partner (active until 2003)

Cologne, 20.04.1951

First Photokina opened in Cologne

Great Britain, 06.02.1952

Elizabeth II. crowned Queen

Wolfsburg, 02.01.1953

VW reduces the price for the Beatle by 200 German Marks to 4.200 German Marks.

Bern, 04.07.1954

Germany wins the FIFA World Cup

Anaheim, 17.07.1955

Walt Disney opens his first Disney Theme Park.

Monaco, 19.04.1956

Prince Rainier III. marries actress Grace Kelly.

Germany, 01.04.1957

The first conscripts of the German Army receive their call.

Flensburg, 02.01.1958

The Central Index of Traffic Offences is set into operation.

Essen, 21.12.1959

Invention of Malefiz

Germany, 09.08.1960

The Federal Republic of Germany enacts the first Youth Employment Protection Act.

Cape Canaveral, 31.01.1961

Mercury-Redstone 2 heads out to space with a chimp on board.

Europe, 14.01.1962

After test takes at the record label DECCA, the Beatles are turned down because "guitar groups are old-fashioned"

Europe, 03.01.1963

Walter Bruch presents his invention - colour television PAL.

Stockholm, 22.10.1964

Jean-Paul Sartre refuses to accept Nobel Prize in Literature

France, 19.07.1965

Opening of the Mont-Blanc-Tunnel

London, 04.03.1966

John Lennon's teasing line "We're more popular than Jesus now." affronts Americans.

Sweden, 03.09.1967

Sweden switches from left-hand traffic to right-hand traffic.

Germany, 01.01.1968

Implementation of Value-Added-Tax


During the late 1960s to early 1970s business with lacquer raw materials and resins declined, while food additives such as Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum and Locust Bean Gum gained importance in Roeper's business.

Safi, 25.05.1969

Thor Hyerdahl attempts to cross the Atlantic in a papyrus boat.

Hamburg, Oktober 1970

Germany's first repertory cinema opens in Hamburg.

USA, 02.01.1971

USA bans cigarette promotion on the radio.

Denmark, 15.01.1972

Margrethe II. is crowned Queen.

New York, 03.04.1973

Martin Cooper makes the world's first call with a mobile phone.

Germany, 07.07.1974

Germany wins the FIFA World Cup


Roeper expands export business to non-German-speaking countries.

Paris, 30.10.1975

Founding of ESA

Germany, 01.01.1976

Germany stipulates the use of seatbelts on front seats

USA, 25.05.1977

World Premier: Star Wars A New Hope


Relocation of our warehouse from Cremon to the newly built warehouse in Porgesring.

Tehran, 12.02.1978

Opening of the Iran Carpet Museum

Great Britain, 13.11.1979

After a strike that has been lingering for eleven months and twelve days, "The Times" is printed again.

Paris, 22.09.1980

Simbabwe is a member of UNESCO

Adrano, 16.04.1981

The world's first solar power plant is put into operation in Sicily.

Pittsburgh, 19.09.1982

The string symbol :-) is suggested to indicate a joke in E-Mails.

Las Vegas, 10.11.1983

Windows 1.0 is announced on Comdex.

Germany, 06.01.1984

Federal Mail gives up on night postal collection.

London, 07.07.1985

Boris Becker is the first German and the youngest tennis player to win Wimbledon.

London, 09.10.1986

World Premiere of "Phantom of the Opera"

Germany, 01.01.1987

ARD broadcasts Helmut Kohl's New Year's adress of the previous year.

Stratzing, 23.09.1988

The "Venus of Galgenberg"- a statue 30.000 years old - is found.


New office in Allermöhe

Germany, 05.10.1989

For the first time shops may stay open on Thursday nights.


Carsten Gerrens joins C.E. Roeper GmbH as product manager

Rome, 08.07.1990

Germany wins the FIFA World Cup

South Tyrol, 19.09.1991

Discovery of "Ötzi"

Germany, 01.07.1992

Mobile Communications D-Net is put into operation.

Armenia, 22.11.1993

Armenia introduces the Dram as new currency.


First Iso-Certification


Opening of the Eurotunnel

Finkenwerder, 25.08.1995

Maiden Flight of Airbus A319


Construction of second warehouse (3200 m2)

Washington, 05.11.1996

Reelection of Bill Clinton

USA, 30.09.1997

"Ultima Online" is the first major online game.


Carsten Gerrens becomes partner and managing director of C.E. Roeper GmbH.

USA, 30.09.1997

For the second time, thieves saw off the head of the famous sculpture "Little Mermaid".

Iran, 26.02.1999

First Local Elections in Iran

Brisbane, 28.11.2000

The eighth drop of the Pitch Drop Experiment, which was started in 1927, falls.


Internationalization : Establishment of our office in China

Germany, 22.11.2001

"Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" comes to German cinemas.


Internationalization : Establishment of our office in Russia

Gießen, 19.11.2002

Opening of the "Mathematikum"

China, 01.06.2003

Three Gorges Dam at the Jangtze closed.


Internationalization : Establishment of our office in Poland

USA, 04.02.2004

Mark Zuckerberg starts Facebook as a communication platform for his fellow students.

India, 26.11.2005

Vijaypat Singhania from India is the first balloonist reaching a height of 21.297 m.

Westeurope, 04.11.2006

Blackout in Western Europe after an overhead power line in the Emsland was shut down.

Lisbon, 07.07.2007

The new Seven Wonders of the World are choosen in Lisbon

Germany, 01.05.2008

For the first time in history, Labor Day and Ascension Day have the same date.

Washington, 20.01.2009

Barack Obama is inaugurated first afroamerican president of the United States of America.

Oslo, 29.05.2010

With Lena Meyer-Landrut, Germany wins the Eurovision Song Contest.

Cape Canaveral, 25.11.2011

Mars-Rover "Curiosity" heads out to Mars.


Construction of Application Kitchen

Germany, 07.12.2012

Financial Times Germany is closed down.

Europe, 02.05.2013

New 5-Euro bank note


Office Extension

Rio de Janeiro, 13.07.2014

Germany wins the FIFA World Cup

London, Mai 2015

Princess Charlotte was born.


125 years C.E. Roeper GmbH

Paris, July 2016

Latvia becomes the 35th member of the OECD.


Internationalization: Office France

Berlin, March 2017

The 100 kilogram "Big Maple Leaf" gold coin stolen from Berlin museum

France, May 2018

In France, sending telegrams will be abolished.


Internationalization: Office Italy

World, April 2019

For the first time the Event Horizon Telescope project succeeds in creating a direct image of the accretion disk of a black hole (Messier 87).

World, April 2019

For the first time the Event Horizon Telescope project succeeds in creating a direct image of the accretion disk of a black hole (Messier 87).

Washington, December 2020

Kamala Harris will go down in history as the first female Vice President of the United States

Norway, November 2021

The first autonomous cargo ship, Yara Birkeland, launches in Norway. It is fully electrically powered.


C.E. Roeper GmbH fantastic new website goes online!